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Jack Deezl – “Exploder” [Funkadelphia Exclusive Premier] | FREE DL

Jack Deezl - Whoa!

by Kyle Taylor |

With his new album, WHOA!, looming just over the horizon (due for release Friday, September 4th), Jack Deezl is ready to unveil the record’s second single: “Exploder”. Following the album’s debut single, “Spyrol”, which dropped in early August, the Philadelphia producer is rapidly raising the hype around his release to new levels. A constantly evolving and steadily refined future bass sound resonates consistently around the Jack Deezl project name.

Starting in 2010, the project has undergone a seamless, fluid progression, dripping its jubilant synthesizers and gut-wrenching bass-lines through various stages of music. As a result, Jack Deezl’s new releases remain always surprising, interesting, and under much anticipation. Both “Exploder” and “Spyrol” do an excellent job of raising those stakes, posing a discerning juxtaposition of bass heavy tracks. While “Spyrol” dove heavily into melodies and spoke most strongly through its mid-range work, “Exploder” does quite the opposite. Still utilizing the uplifting harmonies ever present in the local producer’s material, the new single equally finds its bliss in stagnant bass cuts.

The composition is where things truly get interesting though. Diverting completely from the proposed arrangement of a typical dance track, “Exploder” unfolds, instead, in a story-like manner. Finding new footing after each section, the single climbs tirelessly through varying drum patterns, melodies, and sinking bass-lines.

Jack Deezl Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Funkadelphia Exclusive Premier:
Jack Deezl 
– “Exploder” — FREE Download!! [Full album WHOA! Out Friday, September 4th, 2015]

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