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Stylust Beats – HEATROCKS [Sleeveless Records] | Name Your Price

stylust beats heatrocks

by Kyle Taylor |

It’s been a baffling and hugely successful couple years for Stylust Beats. Around this time just two years ago, the California producer released his debut full-length album, R.Y.F.S.O., and while the new HEATROCKS album is just his second record, the twenty-three month window that exists between the two releases has been chocked full of impressive single and remix productions. The most notable is more than likely Stylust Beat’s collaborative remix of “Loco Ono” with Bassnectar himself, which served as the debut single to Bassnectar’s NVSB Remixes album in 2014.

It hasn’t just been strong suited studio work that has been escalating Geoff Reich (Stylust Beats) and the project, though. Also in 2014, he destroyed audiences with torrential waves of his signature west coast future bass sound at Shambhala Music Festival in Canada- known to many as one of North America’s most premier electronic music festivals. A clear forerunner in the west coast future bass movement, Stylust Beats has grown to be one of the most demanded artists of his genre. He has further inspired a still broadening wave of new artists equally on the rise.

Turning to his own recently founded label, Sleeveless Records, for the release of his new record (R.Y.F.S.O. was put out on Play Me Records), Reich carries his signature sound forward with him. The album is rippling with crunchy bass , rolling hi-hats. and matching snare kicks from its very first second all the way to its very end. There is still plenty of time for Stylust Beats’ sound to grow with HEATROCKS being only his sophomore release, but the reality is that sound is already quite diverse in itself. With some compositions leaning toward more relaxed, rattling trap beats and others diving headfirst into destructive bass-lines, the single categorization of “future bass” seems almost insulting when discussing the Stylust Beats name. His new record showcases the same versatility we as fans have come to love and expect from him.

Stylust Beats Website // Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Stylust Beats – HEATROCKS [Sleeveless Records] — Name Your Price

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