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Album Review: Figure – Gravity | FREE DL

figure gravity

by Kyle Taylor |

For the first time since 2011, Figure is foregoing a new release in his Monsters (a.k.a. Monsters of Drumstep) album series. Now five volumes deep into the collection, Figure stated earlier this year that he wanted to let his music spill out in a few different directions for his new album release. It’s honestly quite difficult to blame him. Of course the series has become a recognizable and anticipated staple of the Figure project around Halloween each year, but the albums have also begun to overshadow a lot of the Indiana producer’s other, equally impressive productions. While a lot of fans know Figure for the Monsters records, plenty of listeners also know the Horns of Apocalypse EP [OWSLA], or the self-released Destruction Series Vol. 1; and, in fact, the desire for more other-inspired Figure music is a constant conversation within the heavy bass community.

So after a string of relentless, and very Figure-esque, singles throughout the summer of 2015, the Midwestern producer is proud to unveil Gravity. With seventeen tracks of blissful bass destruction, the album is just about any and everything fans could hope for. It still captures the raw energy and jagged force that is ever-present in Josh Gard’s (Figure) music. At the same time, it brings a truly refreshing perspective to the project as well. Straying from the monsters concept seems to have been the proper move for Figure. While there will more than likely be future releases for the series, Gravity is a firm reminder that the Gard has plenty of tumultuous ideas tumbling around inside his head.

So what can you expect from Gravity? Well, you can certainly still expect rapid BPM changes, even multiple times over within a single track; and, you should definitely still prepare yourself for a barrage of high-frequency bass-quakes and synthesizer stabs. While many know Figure as a master of “drumstep” (a blend of dubstep and drum & bass, often alternating between BPM speeds), the producer and all-around musician’s career actually goes much further back than all of that, to days spent slaving over fidget and electro house tracks, as well as an even further recollections of time spent touring and performing as a hip hop disc jockey. That diversity of influences really rears its head within Gravity, which showcases a broader palette of bass genres than the majority of past Figure releases. Of course dubstep and drumstep are still a key component, demonstrating their still stagnant sound with definitive proclamation throughout the record; but, everything from drum & bass to electro house also make unmistakable appearances.

The largest difference, though, is not the change-up of genres, but the actual sound cultivated within the songs themselves. Take “Aligned” off the new album for example. Instilling the drumstep template immediately on the composition, Figure delves into an entirely new realm of sound, reveling in light-hearted melodies while still managing to achieve a sound that delivers plenty of heavy impact. That theme carries on throughout much of the record, as Figure finds new footing for himself in the bass sound, still captivating plenty of ears with his staple high-frequency drumstep platters, while further enthralling listeners with other, newly produced and refreshing sounds.

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