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Mindex – The Flavor EP [Gravitas Recordings] | Name Your Price

mindex the flavor ep

by Kyle Taylor |

Even with the rapidly growing electronic music movement in North America, it remains a fairly rare occurence that international artists will make their way to our humble continent. Of course, every once and a while that pattern is broken, and the results are almost always impeccable. Russian producer Mindex has made two appearances in our region within the past two months: first at F.A.R.M. Music & Arts Festival in New Jersey, and again right here in the heart of Philadelphia at Midsummer Night’s Dream just over a week ago now.

Delving into a blissful array of swamp-ridden sounds and nearly palpable audio atmospheres, Mindex indisputably left both audiences in a puddle of perplexed and equally pleased captivation. This was more than likely in part due to the inclusion in those sets of multiple tracks from Mindex’s new The Flavor EP, which was just released today courtesy of Gravitas Recordings. Words like “crunchy” don’t even begin to do the music of Mindex justice. It’s definitely an applicable adjective, but the reality here is that Mindex’s music is so thickly layered with an encumbering diversity of noises and sounds that to call it such would be nothing more than a microscopic scrape on the surface. Full of funky samples, bustling drum beats, intricate sound design, and seemingly endless audio layers, The Flavor EP is one release that truly needs to be heard to be understood.

Mindex – Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Mindex – The Flavor EP [Gravitas Recordings] — Name Your Price

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