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Mutomb0 – “Trapped In My Skull (VIP)” | FREE DL & New EP Announcement


by Kyle Taylor |

It is undeniable at this point that Philadelphia is a breeding ground for music full of splendor from all corners of the map. It doesn’t matter if you come from the punk community, jam, electronic, or any other; Philadelphia has a place for you. For those familiar with the dark, gurgling rhythms of Mutomb0, it is safe to say the psychedelic bass scene is quickly carving a new home for itself in the city right now.

The local producer has some splendid news to share with readers and listeners alike, as well. On September 25th, Mutomb0 will release his newest EP right here on Funkadelphia Recordings. After a debut album- the DownTumb0 EP

– in January of this year, Mutomb0 promises a follow-up with much more gusto. While the disorienting, psychedelic sound associated with Mutomb0 will most certainly remain a key theme in the still untitled new EP, the content of such looks to be a little bit more “UP-Tumb0”, you could say. To that effect, Mike Gwin (Mutomb0) has a re-imagining of one of his very first tunes, “Trapped In My Skull”, in the form of a VIP mix out now for FREE download. It’s just his little way of saying thanks for listening, and stay tuned for the new EP!

Mutomb0 Soundcloud // Facebook

Mutomb0 – “Trapped In My Skull (VIP)” — FREE Download!!

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