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Album Review: Jack Deezl – WHOA! | FREE DL, Plus FREE New Mix

jack deezl whoa

by Kyle Taylor |

This record has been the peak of our anticipation for quite some time now. Philadelphia producer Jack Deezl has been with us from the start, or maybe I should say the other way around. He was the centerpiece of our first ever interview, and his continuous, illustrious creations have always maintained a core focus of the Funkadelphia community. In a large way, Drew Mercadante (Jack Deezl) has been the cause to our discovery of numerous Funkadelphia local favorites and has at times played an even larger role in the movement.

So to see the great lengths which Mercadante has come in the past 4-5 years is simply astounding. From basement dubstep to club-ringing disco and house beats, the Jack Deezl project has grown to span a vast arrangement of not just dance, but electronic genres in general. Downtempo to future bass, trap to hip hop, glitch to ambient, there seems no ground that Mercadante is not interested in, nor able to touch with grace and originality.

The new record, WHOA!, pushes forward in that fashion, still. With coinciding intro and outro sections, riding atop a peculiar, yet enthralling vocal sample, the album feels much like that of a story- a similar thematic album felt in most of Mercadante’s records. The album artwork plays a seemingly even truer role in that effort, displaying a futuristic metropolis with a lone man standing at its edges, gazing into the bright lights. The music contained within the record’s seams at times very much feel like the music this very city would reverberate out of late-night dance clubs and underground house parties.

Aesthetically, the sound is polished and dreamy. Technically the record is clean and commendably produced. It’s also successful in evoking thoughts of fantastical adventures in this depicted, distant city. As listeners, we can feel this lonesome character from the album’s cover darting between city streets, wrestling with various pigments of his life and the vastly expanding urban landscape that surrounds him. Structured compositions that ride through definitive sections rather than resting on tireless loops work moreover to tell a story. Each track finds peaks and valleys, jolts of adrenaline and burdening times of fatigue.

It seems every moment of Mercadante’s career preceding WHOA! have been pressed into the folds of the record. Everything from his dark, industrial-inspired bass roots to his more recent jubilant cries of future bass club-beats come together in a stifling polymerization on this album. It is not just a next step for Jack Deezl, but rather a next chapter in an ever-evolving and never-ending story.

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