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RSK – The Eye of the Wolf [MalLabel Music] | Name Your Price

rsk eye of the wolf


by Kyle Taylor |

The end of summer always brings about a lot of reminiscing. Well, RSK is taking it to a whole other level with his latest creation. The Pittsburgh producer just put out his new album, The Eye of the Wolf, on MalLabel Music, and the entire thing is thickly ridden with nostalgic 8-bit sound design and samples. Still, even with such input, the album encases a very futuristic feeling from start to finish. There’s a strong collision of these old-school video game sound memories and more modern, almost sci-fi sounding sound segments.

With a long-standing history in bass music, RSK is keeping with his natural tides. The new record hits hard on everything from trap to dubstep, crossing various hybrids throughout. Tracks such as the album’s lead single, “Goonies”, and “Squad” focus more on wrapping the listener in thick atmospheres of haunting melodies, keeping the rhythm afloat on jostling hip hop drums. Yet “Yee” among others get straight to the point with some bone-shaking bass, sticking to the stagnant 140BPM dubstep beat. And still more, tracks like “Doge Tho” and “Get Loud” find an enticing middle-ground between the two in a strange realm existing somewhere between glitch hop and the so-called “trapstep”.

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RSK – The Eye of the Wolf –Name Your Price

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