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TLC – “No Scrubs (Agent Zero Remix)” | FREE DL

no scrubs az remix

by Kyle Taylor |

Philadelphia is out for the throwdown right now. The past week has been honestly encumbering with the amount of new music The City of Brotherly Love has been pushing out. We’ve seen new music from Mutomb0Jack Deezl, Mr. Sampson, and now this new remix from Agent Zero. To top it all off, this actually isn’t even the first new remix from Agent Zero in the past week, as he also appeared on the aforementioned Mr. Sampson remix EP.

This track fits a whole different vibe than Noah Selwyn’s (Agent Zero) funkified take on Mr. Sampson’s “Weight of Time”, though. It actually implements a style from Selwyn we’ve hardly seen so far at all, but it’s definitely a side we like. With his “No Scrubs” remix, Agent Zero gives the track a gentle garage lift. Sticking to an irresistible 2-step drum beat, the remix unfolds in a chasm of mournful vocal samples carrying over a snappy percussion. It’s got a little more of the electronic production edge than we’ve been hearing from Selwyn recently, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but more so a sign of continuing desire for versatility from the still blossoming musician.

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TLC – “No Scrubs (Agent Zero Remix)” — FREE Download!!

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