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Album Review: Nero – Between II Worlds


by Kyle Taylor |

It has been four years since the release of Nero‘s debut album, Welcome Reality, in the fall of 2011. That doesn’t necessarily seem too long at first glance, but in the world of electronic music it seems near an eternity. With producers putting out new singles, remixes, and various other quick treasures for their fans on a monthly, and even sometimes a weekly, basis, two releases being set almost half a decade apart is a far and few between phenomenon.

Of course, in providing this statement it is important to recognize that Nero is not just another producer on  the circuit, but a vastly gifted musical trio consisting of producers Daniel Stephens and Joe Ray, as well as vocalist Alana Watson. Not to put down other electronic acts, but the workflow in Nero’s studio would seem to be of distinguishable difference from that of most producers. That work ethic has paid off for the trio in the result of numerous world tours in and out of coliseums, stadiums, and all-around massive venues, upon beginning their live performance stint, almost immediately surpassing the club-sized venues many electronic acts call home.

With Welcome Reality covering broad ground, dripping from the edges with everything from drum & bass to dubstep, with various hybrids existing between, for music fans the follow-up record has held much anticipation. The debut single, “Satisfy”, showed a whole new face of Nero listeners had yet to experience. Still capturing the essence of Nero’s sound, with breathy vocals from Watson, and dark, brooding synthesizers, the single took a turn into bouncy electro house.

That thematic element has carried through to Nero’s new record, Between II Worlds. While the bass music inspirations found in the trio’s debut album can still easily be found within the confines of Between II Worlds, there’s a whole new breadth of sounds and genres at work. Glancing at everything from electro to trap hybrids, the new release expands Nero’s catalog while still maintaining the rich and vibrant sound we’ve come to know the group for. They do so with sincere success as well. The four years of work poured into the record easily show. Each track is polished to a pristine state. Synthesizers blare with ferocity over pummeling drum lines, Watson’s vocals soar over the productions with angelic atmospheric qualities, and overall, the album builds a fantastical home deeply embedded in electronic sound.

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