Electronic / Hip-Hop (Instrumental)

Fishtown Beats – “Higher Climb” | Plus Bonus Mix

fishtown beats

by Kyle Taylor |

New musicians are constantly on the rise here in Philadelphia. With such an eclectic and dense music community, the city is a source of ceaselessly developing new ideas and sounds. One musician turning heads recently is Fishtown Beats. Taking his name from the deeply rooted and heavily musician populated Philadelphia neighborhood, Colin Dooley’s (Fishtown Beats) sound is equally a tribute to The City of Brotherly Love.

Drawing clear influence from classical jazz, hip hop, doo-wop, and funk, Fishtown Beats’ tracks are a consistent source of positive energy, upbeat feelings, and soulful harmonies. For his latest track, “Higher Climb”, Dooley turns to straight production. While most of his recent pieces have relied primarily on sampling and live instrumentation recorded into loops and sections, this new single demonstrates a totally different side of musical proficiency. Still capturing the same essence listeners have come to know him for, Dooley expands his repertoire in proper fashion.

As a little bonus, find also below Fishtown Beats most recent mix, full of one hundred percent original compositions.

Fishtown Beats Soundcloud // Facebook

Fishtown Beats – “Higher Climb”

[BONUS] Fishtown Beats – “Under the Boardwalk Mix”

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