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DeltaNINE – Astro Ride EP | Name Your Price

DeltaNINE Astro Ride EP

by Kyle Taylor |

One of the nicest things about living in Philadelphia is being so close to our own music scene, but also so near to many other constantly further developing music scenes. Aside from New York, Baltimore is a steadfast home to countless musicians ceaselessly finding new traction via new sound and new genre fusions. One such group is Baltimore based DeltaNINE. Led by DJ and producer Chris Honsberger, the group has given birth to a lush electronica sound that can always be counted on for a fat beat, but equally so, smooth grooves and riveting instrumental lines.

The new Astro Ride EP is a perfect addition to the group’s catalog, but also the perfect introduction for those who aren’t already familiar with the quickly rising Baltimore group. Bursting with energy right from the opening track, “Mark Datter”, DeltaNINE doesn’t waste any time enthralling eardrums. As the EP unfolds, the group covers vast spreads of audio territory, delving into everything from soaring sound atmospheres to stagnant, crunchy anthems,

DeltaNINE Website // Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

DeltaNINE – Astro Ride EP Name Your Price

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