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Album Review: Ganja White Night – Hybrid Distillery


by Kyle Taylor |

Dubstep has truly grown roots worldwide. From its beginnings in the UK, the genre has slowly branched out all across Europe, breaching North America, Australia, and numerous lands in between. As a result, artists have begun to emerge in every which place. The outcome has been a widespread palette of perspectives on the genre spanning everything from high frequency metal-esque dubstep to more gentle, but deep and encumbering atmospheric bass. Belgium act Ganja White Night seems to be searching for a comfortable middle ground.

With productions mirroring the roots of the dubstep sound, deep and voluminous, that we associate with the genre’s beginnings in the UK, as well as more treble and mid-range based slashing dubstep tracks, Ganja White Night has cultivated a sound that both pays tribute to the genre’s origins and finds solace in the more modern perspective. The duo’s new album, Hybrid Distillery, is an exceptional example. Tracks like “Kraken” and “Wild Vine” are noticeably more aggressive, yet still with minimal conservation. Never does Ganja White Night take things full force into the North American high frequency inspired sound. Even when relying on the mid-range for their wobbles, Ganja White Night keeps things classy and conservative.

Still, the main theme of Hybrid Distillery, as well as most of Ganja White Night’s catalog, is deep, dark, and wholesome. The Belgium team can be found most often hard at work on developing new engulfing bass sound design that at times have easily rivaled that of some of the genre’s most celebrated names. Tracks like “Glayva” and “Smooooke” dip well into the realms of ominous and brooding bass-lines. As a whole, the album relies on both these techniques, often blending the two to create productions, such as “Zamal”, brimming with delectable sound design from top to bottom.

Ganja White Night’s sound has been clearly cultivated over their elaborate discography, but each new album brings with it new ideas and new audio adventures. Hybrid Distillery accurately works to continue that expansion. Bringing in fellow upcoming, and equally intriguing, producers Grimblee and CloZee, it is clear that Ganja White Night is nothing but content with rehashing ideas. The duo’s latest record is a testament to constant fruition and ceaseless lack of settlement with an eye on consistently forward pursuits.

Ganja White Night Website // Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Ganja White Night – Hybrid Distillery Buy on Bandcamp

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