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Freddy Todd – “Homework Did” | Plus Khrysos EP Announcement, All Good Records


by Kyle Taylor |

A lot of names have come and gone in the bass scene over the years, but one name that will clearly never do so is Freddy Todd. With an irresistibly recognizable glitch-driven sound, Freddy Todd’s music has been steadily garnering more and more listeners with each passing year. A brilliantly unique bass perspective further keeps fans not just attained, but retained. Each new album, EP, or any release in general, is equally fully of splendor than the last, if not surpassing it. Rich and perplexing percussion plague each and every production Freddy Todd touches, resulting in gut-wrenching spurts of spastic, splattering sound design used to fill in the gaps.

With releases already on Lowtemp, Simplify Recordings, and Adapted Records, Freddy Todd now adds All Good Records (owned by GRiZ) to the list. He announced this week that the label would be behind his upcoming Khrysos EP, due for release in October. In Freddy’s own words, we can “Expect the album to arrive around the top of October,” with the, “exact release date coming soon.” The announcement came with the EP’s debut single, “Homework Did”, which is, as expected, a gelatinous platter of elastic noise and ricocheting percussion.

With Freddy Todd and GRiZ both originating in Detroit, and even briefly collaborating on the SplaTTerboX, the release of the Khrysos EP on All Good Records doesn’t come as as much of a surprise as it does as a delightful event in at least somewhat foreseeable music history. Already a frequent collaborator across a versatile palette of other electronic musicians, the further introduction of Freddy Todd to the complete All Good Records team, we can only hope, will give way to even more fantastical future collaborations.

Check out our artist spotlight and interview with Freddy Todd for more on the Oakland producer HERE.

Freddy Todd Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Freddy Todd – “Homework Did” | Forthcoming on the Khrysos EP [All Good Records, October 2015]

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