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Wink – “EOTO Opener Mix (South Street Shakedown)” | FREE DL


Photo by Lucid Photography 207/Nate Bilodeau

by Kyle Taylor |

For anybody bound to the northeast festival circuit, the name Wink is more than likely all but unfamiliar. Hailing from Pittsburgh, the intergalactically goopy DJ has been twisting up heads and sending them spinning over the past few summers. With a immensely vast spectrum of psychedelia-driven dance tracks, Wink’s sets are constantly budding with mystery and bountiful energy.

Although Wink has step foot in Philadelphia many a time over the past year, one of his most memorable performances was undeniably this March when he joined EOTO and ill.Gates on stage at the Theater of the Living Arts on South Street. It is in that sentiment that Wink calls the set, “South Street Shakedown”. Taking the stage before two not only well-versed, but drastically influential bass acts, Wink seemed to be well aware of the immense shoes he needed to fill. The set that unraveled over the next one hundred minutes was more than suitable though. Once again transcending a versatile collection of glitchy, spontaneous, and erratic bass noise from glitch hop, to psy-dub, breaks, and everything in between. Finally Wink is giving us the satisfaction of not only listening to this stupendous set whenever we please, but it’s also available as a FREE download!

Wink Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook

Wink – “EOTO Opening Set (South Street Shakedown)” — FREE Download!!

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