Bass / Electronic / Glitch-Hop

Mojo RisiN – “Natural Disaster” | FREE DL


by Kyle Taylor |

Gurgling from the depths of our beautiful city is this equally iridescent track from local producer Mojo RisiN. Folding pieces of glitch hop and dub between a cohesive psychedelic element, the Philadelphia (West Chester in full honesty) musician brews a mysterious fog of gentle, yet subtly jarring funky ambiance. “Natural Disaster” will have you stepping rhythmically to an off-beat pattern just capable enough of keeping your feet in sync. Known primarily for his drum & bass productions, this new single brings a bit of a new flavor from Mojo RisiN. Still, it equally flaunts the thick blanket of psychedelia we’ve come to know and love his productions for. Besides that, broadening of ones palette is never a bad thing, and more often than not leads in interesting, new directions. This certainly seems to be the beginning of that for Mojo RisiN, and we can only hope he continues.

Mojo RisiN Soundcloud // Facebook

Mojo RisiN – “Natural Disaster” — FREE Download!!

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