Bass / Dubstep/Drumstep / Electronic

Jantsen – “Let’s Get iLL (Satori Remix)” | FREE DL


by Kyle Taylor |

Call it raucous, call it rowdy, call it what you will, but this new remix from Satori means some serious business. Taking on an Jantsen track is no small feat, but Satori has done so with commendable success. The Boston area producer torques up the original track into a spiraling bass turnstile of riveting noise. There’s no possible way anyone could preconceive the sheer amount of force and unexpected twist and turns Satori has packed into this track. For a new producer just starting to make his mark on the map, this is undoubtedly and excellent addition to an already mesmerizing list of productions from the New England artist. For fans who have already caught on to Satori’s epic bass power via his Elevated EP, “Quesadilla” remix, or other past works, hopping on this new one should be a no brainer; and for those still getting acquainted with the quirky, jagged rhythms of Satori, let this be a humbling introduction.

Satori Soundcloud // Facebook

Jantsen – ” Let’s Get iLL (Satori Remix)” — FREE Download!!

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