Ambient / Downtempo/Minimal / Electronic

Skytree – Mineral Logic EP

skytree ep

by Kyle Taylor |

The perfect anthem to the changing seasons, Skytree has concocted a fresh new batch of liquidated, serene sound to sink back and relax to. The new Mineral Logic EP is the perfect supplement to waking up or winding down at the end of the day, to morning yoga or passing time in the office. It has duality in the sense that it is both effective in existing as underlying background music to lend some extra environment to your daily routine, but also in its ability to absorb one’s ears and minds fully in vapid audio environments. Welcoming and even comforting, the EP utilizes vibrant, organic percussion to develop patterns that feel far from computer-fed. Rippling sample chops and warm, glowing synthesizer harmonies exude an almost discernible fragrance of enchantment. Once again, and as always, Evan Snyder (Skytree) succeeds in creating a hauntingly familiar realm of sound that seems always to be just out of reach.

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Skytree Mineral Logic EP Buy on Bandcamp

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