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Mutomb0 – Macrosmatic Jentacular EP [Funkadelphia Recordings] | Name Your Price

Mutomb0 - MGGEP

by Kyle Taylor |

It’s been 8 months of non-stop for Philadelphia producer Mike Gwin. Known to a rapidly expanding audience of anticipating listeners as Mutomb0, Gwin has been clamoring his way from the deepest and darkest depths of the local underground dance scene. With a frequently organic and more thoughtful than dance-driven approach to production, it’s not surprising that Mutomb0’s music has often found a home in less club and “rave” oriented crowds, instead grabbing hold of eardrums of jam and other rock bands’ fans. Still, with just the DownTumb0 EP in his (released) production arsenal up to this point, Mutomb0’s sets have spanned themselves well beyond the downtrodden, warbling sounds of his debut release.

It seems Gwin had that very thought in mind when approaching the Macrosmatic Jentacular EP. Just three songs into his official discography and already Mutomb0 is looking to cover new ground with his sound. For the new EP- Mutomb0’s second release on Funkadelphia Recordings– the presence of Gwin’s thoughts and musical perspectives are undoubtedly still present. Organic percussion carries each track in and out of glitch-driven sound waves. Each synthesizer or otherwise sound motive has a fine-tuning and totally original aesthetic, further defining the Mutomb0 sound.

As the name implies, the DownTumb0 EP was quite downtempo; it trudged along through swampy beats and fuzzy atmospheres of decaying noise. To the contrary, the Macrosmatic Jentacular EP takes a look at some more upbeat and dance-capable productions from the quickly evolving local producer. Mutomb0’s live sets have consistently dove through peaks and valleys of sound, dwelling on slow ascensions from crawling downtempo and ambient tracks to more furious and channeled rhythmic dance tracks, creating epic story-lines solely through sound. His succession of EPs matches that model. It furthers the amount of original Mutomb0 material fans can look forward to hearing in live performances, but more importantly, it diversifies Gwin’s library to match that of his live sets.

The EP immediately sets the exact tone it conveys from start to finish. Whereas Mutomb0’s last EP opened with a definitively slow-moving (that’s not to say not engrossing) first track, Gwin gets straight to the thematic point once again with his new release. “A Kora Bealias” kicks off with thick wobbling bass soon met by jaunting synthesizer pecks. The following two tracks, “Kalimba Limba” and “Skuzzy”, step forward in a similar glitch hop fashion. However, the final production, “Ballchinian”, brings an odd, but extremely pleasant twist to the EP’s conclusion,  rounding out the release with a jarring trap hybrid collaboration with fellow Philadelphia producer Sexy Black Female.

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Mutomb0 – Macrosmatic Jentacular EP [Funkadelphia Recordings] — Name Your Price

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