Electro Soul / Electronic / Future Funk

Stone Soul – “Fuzzy Feelin'”


by Kyle Taylor |

Fiends of funk come one, come all. Stone Soul is instilling crunchy guitar lines in funktronica like never before. With electro soul and future funk both becoming quickly overcrowded genres, Stone Soul is setting a distinctive path separate from the proverbial cluster. His new single “Fuzzy Feelin'” does just what it says it will, placing a warm, fuzzy feeling in stomach that slowly spreads out to the hips and gets them swinging. Wonky guitar thumps and pattering percussion keep the single well alive as it breathes a certain exuberance far too often lacking in modern day electronic production. The best part is that the liveliness and authenticity of this track aren’t all that surprising, as Stone Soul is consistently keeping his productions brimming with original insight. “Fuzzy Feelin'” is a quick reminder of Stone Soul’s persistence to not be just another future funk musician fading into the background.

Stone Soul Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Stone Soul – “Fuzzy Feelin'”

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