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Figure & Brawler – “Goosebumps” | FREE DL


by Kyle Taylor |

So, if you didn’t know, Figure has a new album coming out on Tuesday, Monsters 6.66. This may come as a surprise to some, especially considering he released his latest record Gravity just a month ago. But hey, who in their right mind would jock an artist for putting out even more new music, unless of course if they were sacrificing quality for quantity. In the case of Figure, though, that is simply never the case. This new single, a collaboration with fellow producer Brawler, is exemplary proof in that regard. As always, Josh Gard (Figure) delivers with a brand new, massive tune that’s so earth-shaking, yet plenty original, it’ll make your ears bleed. Figure’s raucous and destructive sound is no secret to bass music fans, but what is so astounding is his ability to keep it going at such a rapid pace. With an unbelievable arsenal of sound design, ranging from high-pitched, blood curdling screeches, to shattering bass rumbles, there seems no limit to Figure’s abilities. Not to mention a “Goosebumps” themed track is the perfect thing to get us in the right spirits for Halloween and a new Monsters album.

Figure Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter
Brawler Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Figure & Brawler – “Goosebumps” — FREE Download!!

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