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Orchestrobe – “Blue Place” | FREE DL

orchestrobe header

by Kyle Taylor |

Sometimes you just need to sink into some surreal noise of epic proportions so expansive it feels like you’re plunging rapidly into an ocean of noise. It is baffling at times how immersive music can be and just how lost your mind can get in the engulfing noise of a particularly exceptional track. This new single from Orchestrobe is just that vibe. Slow moving but thick with production layers so numerous they might as well leave you fully walled in by a box of sound. “Sinking” is exactly the word. With a name like “Blue Place” it’s no stretch to say this tune is likely inspired by the ocean, or driven by an ideology to paint an aquatic landscape with sound. Blurbs of bubbling sound design and smoothly crashing ambient layers create an audio atmosphere so hearty you won’t be able to escape the feeling of trudging your way through the waters.

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Orchestrobe – “Blue Place” — FREE Download!!

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