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Freddy Todd – Khrysos EP [All Good Records]


by Kyle Taylor |

Not that there was ever really any doubt in my mind about the claim, but with his newest release, Freddy Todd is proving more than ever that he is truly the king of glitch. At least modern king- surely we will recognize leading artists such as Aphex Twin. But Freddy Todd’s particular glitch sound is far removed from that of predecessors like Aphex Twin and Flying Lotus. It seems more accessible, more dance-driven than most. There’s a lot of melody at work in Freddy Todd’s music, even if it is broken.

Every aspect of the Detroit producer’s sound is polished and refined with a masterful varnish. Now out on fellow Detroit native GRiZ‘s label, All Good Records, this latest EP is the culmination of years of hard work for Freddy Todd. Through more than a handful of releases, his music has evolved while clearly maintaining its core aesthetic of audio. A steady stream of collaborations (including the brief collaborative project SplaTTerboX with GRiZ), remixes and singles has only seemingly brought new inspirations of sound to the cards. The Khrysos EP is the logical, yet also surprisingly refreshing next step for Freddy Todd.

Freddy Todd Website // Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Freddy Todd – Khyrsos EP [All Good Records] — Buy on iTunes

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