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Mickman – Through the Trivium EP | FREE DL


by Kyle Taylor |

There’s simply limitless power bound within the new Through the Trivium EP from still very young producer Mickman. Hailing from the plains of Illinois, Cameron Ingraham (Mickman) has a blatantly North American bass production inspired sound, yet in a profoundly more positive manner than you might expect from such a description. Systematically wobbly and full of crackling glitches, the new release is steadfast with clear influence from the likes of artists like ill.Gates, as well as Bassnectar’s earlier work, while also imposing traces of evidence from even more experimental artists such as Tipper (U.K.) or Bogtrotter. That’s not to say the thick, driving minimalism of early U.K. dubstep isn’t at work here, because it very much is; but the sound design shows a distinctively North American inspiration.

The depth and atmospheres created in each production is more than worthy of commendation. “Silicon Wafer”, for example, wanders endlessly deeper and deeper into an engulfing, psychedelic cloud of reverberating noise. These are tracks to dance to, but there’s no cut and dry “EDM” here. These are carefully articulated pieces of audio. A variation of tempos is also at work on the release, so this further isn’t straightforward “dubstep”, technically. Not to sound all nerdy over genres, but rather to point out a sense of awareness that bass music continues to move forward, it’s genres working cyclically to influence one another. Mickman proves himself quite aware of this phenomenon, applying dubstep and other bass music concepts to one another, layering them into unique, new recipes of sound.

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Mickman – Through the Trivium EP [FREE Downloads Below]

01) “Tribal Movement” — FREE Download!!
02) “Particle Party” — FREE Download!!
03) “Transmission” — FREE Download!!
04) “Silicon Wafer” — FREE Download!!
05) “Fissure” — FREE Download!!
06) “Reflection” — FREE Download!!
07) “Free of Will” — FREE Download!!


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