Electro Soul / Electronic / Jam/Jamtronica

Wax Future – “Cenote” | Name Your Price


by Kyle Taylor |

Just weeks after the release of their new Keep the Memories EPWax Future is already back with a new single. “Cenote” dives face on directly into a wave of ethereal guitar and sound design. While we’ve seen many different musical sides of the Philadelphia production duo (trio when including visual mapping chemist Gralin Hughes), but this latest single definitively dives more into the atmospheric and strays away from the crunchy, glitch hop bursts we’ve heard from Hansell (bass/production) and Wadsworth (guitar) in the past. Still, the quality is no less; and this is not to say this is a distinctively unfamiliar sound from Wax Future, either. The track still captures the group’s essence and reflects their unique, soulful sound with exceptional charm.

Wax Future Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Wax Future – “Cenote” — Name Your Price

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