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Album Review: Tipper – It’s Like EP [Additech Records]


by Kyle Taylor |

What can you really say about Tipper? When we get right down to it, Dave Tipper’s music is so refined and- let’s face it- almost, if not definitely, alien in some form, that putting together words to try to encompass the sheer beauty of experimentation that occurs within his productions is a near, if not fully, impossible task. As always, the UK born and raised producer’s latest release has seen tireless anticipation from his fans.

For those lucky enough to catch Tipper in action this summer- be it at Red Rocks in Colorado, Infrasound Festival, Imagine Music Festival, Counterpoint Music Festival, Camp Bisco, or any of his other numerous appearances- much of this new EP will likely feel, and sound, quite familiar. All four of the tracks on the release have been steadily working themselves into Tipper sets over the past 6 months or so (if not longer). The good news is that they are all now available for purchase, high quality, and ready to blast through your speakers whenever you choose. I believe I speak for quite a few people in saying I consider that a blessing in itself.

For those still getting familiar with Tipper- or maybe have hazy memories of any of this past summer’s sets- let’s take a minute to breakdown the It’s Like EP. As always, Tipper demonstrates that he is a true prodigy of electronic music, able to flex his inexplicably unique sound design to any musical genre he so chooses. Over his career, Tipper has covered downtempo, ambient, hip hop, glitch hop, dubstep, drumstep, drum & bass, and beyond- not to mention countless genre hybrids. The EP’s title track, “It’s Like”, strides with gusto and confidence into yet another new frontier from Tipper. The track is a spastic, glitch-induced assault of the most perplexing trap music you’ve surely ever heard.

The second track, “Distal”, goes back to the Tipper sound we are all familiar with, new fan or old, from previous releases like the Shatterbox, Puzzle Dust, and Bubble Control EP. It’s a quirky, punctuated glitch hop tune that utilizes that familiar Tipper sound arsenal that only screams of precision and perfection, while still managing to dip into entirely new noises that mirror his well-defined audio entity without exhausting it.

From there, the “Table Flipping (VIP Mix)” takes things up a bit. After a few muddled gurgles from the very depths of the track’s lowest layer, rippling breakbeat percussion immediately brings the real “umph” to this track. There’s not as much going on in the treble and mid-range on this one, which is not a criticism, as it is still clearly there, just done more minimally. The real volume of the song comes from a steady reverberating bass layer that, in all honesty, probably shows the most diversity from Tipper we have seen in a while (at least in regards to his “uptempo” production); and that is saying a lot considering diversity is the name of the game for Tipper.

Finally, the EP concludes with “Flares at Dawn”, which may catch some listeners off-guard after the high-paced nature of the release’s first three tracks. Yet, when considering Tipper’s prior two most recent releases- the Fathoms EP and Forward Escape, which were predominantly downtempo and ambient driven- the deep, textured and atmospheric sound of “Flares at Dawn” is far from unfamiliar (especially to those who have fully dove into Tipper’s full catalog, particularly his early works). Rounding out this newest release on a more minimal, yet still deeply complex, level was more than likely a conscious decision from Tipper when arranging the EP. The final track brings a sincere feeling of resolution to this diverse and electrifying latest addition to the Tipper discography.

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Tipper – It’s Like EP — Buy on: Bandcamp // Additech Records

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