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Album Review: Masked Strangler – Dusty Dress Shirts | FREE DL


by Anthony Salupo |

I would like to dedicate the project to my brother, Patrick Alberts.
This and everything I do is for him.
-Jeff Alberts (Masked Strangler) 

About a year ago, music aficionado and producer Jeff Alberts was in a state of despair. With little money and no job, his hopes of any progress or success were dwindling. However, that didn’t stop him from waking up one day and urging himself to make a change and to start something real. Since then, he has been grinding away at a new job at the bank, keeping up with production and live performances for two musical projects, and he has just released his first album on the moniker Masked Strangler.

Dusty Dress Shirts is a title that encompasses the aura in which the tracks of the album were created. The majority of the space in Alberts’ room is taken up by crates and crates of records dating back to before the 1950’s, as well as slightly worn dress shirts hung around the perimeter. While this title highlights Alberts’ environment, each track from the album recreates its own atmosphere around the listener. Suddenly surrounded by intricate hip hop rhythms and poetic samples, one is serenaded by elegant piano melodies, seductive strings, and an orchestra of remaining instrumental ballads. The vintage vibe is derived from those subtle needle-on-vinyl sounds hidden throughout the album and the countless stems from old school records in Alberts’ extensive library.

The change in lifestyle shifted my perspective and allowed me to create the music I really wanted to hear, or the music I’ve always wanted to hear. Thinking about this project, I’m filled with a sense of love and responsibility. There are many more productions like this coming in the future.”
-Jeff Alberts (Masked Strangler)

The love that fills Alberts when he creates is the same love that is projected from his productions as they are playing through speakers. Each track welcomes the listener with open arms, then slowly releases them into a laid back adventure through time and sound. “Winnie’s Lullaby” was actually written next to a beautiful snoozing canine and will melt your heart with ease, while “Dreaming of Paris” tricks your brain into thinking it can actually smell the faint aroma of croissants. It is impossible to deny the passion, creativity, and artistic execution that overflows from this album beginning to end.

Be sure to check out Dusty Dress Shirts in its entirety, as well as the other great music from the Masked Strangler’s and, Alberts’ other project, Hate Led.

Masked Stangler Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Masked Strangler Dusty Dress Shirts FREE Download!!

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