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Ageless – Fortified EP [Philos Records] | Name Your Price


by Kyle Taylor |

True musical innovators are always sure to bring about a new wave of artists looking to manipulate the original style with just enough personal flavor to make it their own. Over the past few years electro soul has gone through a huge explosion. Blending hip hop, funk, glitch hop, and bass music in general, the genre is consistently a release of ethereal energy brimming with soul.

With so many artists starting to take to the electro soul sound, though, it can be difficult to stay up with who is really pushing boundaries and who is keeping it rather “cookie cutter”, so to speak. Well, Ageless is definitely the former. The New York producer is a boundless ball of music production energy and originality. Not only has Wesley Paioff (Ageless) churned out an unbelievable amount of music over the past few years, but his particular sound has been honed and perfected to a brilliantly unique state.

Once again turning to Philos Records, Ageless releases his latest Fortified EP. Compared to Paioff’s arsenal of full length albums, this four track EP might appear at first glance incapable of providing a full meal for your eardrums. That is simply not the case, though. Ageless gets right to business, kicking off the EP with a heartfelt hip hop beat, then delving into soulful samples- both vocal and instrumental- before spiraling a storm of dubby bass into the speakers. If you’re already familiar with Ageless, this EP doesn’t need a track by track breakdown. Just know you are in for the same old Ageless funky, groovy goodness we’ve come to expect of him. Each track brings a new set of energy-inducing vocal samples, eclectic instrumental samples, and yes, plenty of thumping bass.

Ageless Website // Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Ageless – Fortified EP Name Your Price/Donate

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