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DeeZ (formerly Satori) – What’s Really Going On? EP [Funkadelphia Recordings] | Name Your Price

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by Kyle Taylor |

It can be difficult to express enthusiasm through writing with sincerity and legitimacy. Thus, it makes it extremely difficult to do this newest release justice simply with words. Boston producer, originally hailing from Maine, DeeZ (formerly Satori) is stepping up to the bass cannons on his brand new What’s Really Going On? EP. Out now via Funkadelphia Recordings, the EP brings whole new meaning to the phrase, “short, but sweet”.

Andrew Widdecomb (DeeZ) doesn’t waste any time: the opening and title track of the release gets right to business with a delightful smirk that says, “yeah, you thought you knew what bass music was?” DeeZ will challenge any preconceptions you have on the genre. The EP is a dark, jostling journey through a variety of bass music tempos. It steps on the cracks of drumstep and glitch hop, ultimately revolving around the thesis of dubstep. Yet, the glitch  component is far from lost in the shuffle. Prepare your eardrums for off kilter crunchy rhythms and whompy sounds coming at you from every angle. There are no surprises left un-turned.

DeeZ Soundcloud // Facebook // Instagram

DeeZ (formerly Satori) – What’s Really Going On? EP Name Your Price

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