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Event Recap: Desert Dwellers & Kalya Scintilla with Eve Olution at Coda, 11/05/2015 | Plus Interview with Kalya Scintilla


Kalya Scintilla & Eve Olution at Coda, 11/05/2015
Photo by We Present | View complete album HERE

by Kyle Taylor |

Last week Kalya Scintilla took to the stage at Philadelphia’s newest venue, Coda, for his debut performance here in The City of Brotherly Love. It could not have been a better time either, as Kalya Scintilla is currently on tour with fellow performer Eve Olution. Having toured alongside one another extensively, the two have melded into a beautifully enhanced, cohesive display of artistic passion.

The Australian producer, musician, and all-around artist was accompanied by co-headliners Desert Dwellers, as well as supporting artists Mojo RisiN and Face Plant. The event was part of the third and final month of the collaborative touring effort of Desert Dwellers, Kalya Scintilla, and Eve Olution, known as The Earth Heart Tour. Unfolding in a vivid landscape of artistic exploration, the evening featured multiple live painters, including Raf Mata, and a workshop hosted by Groucho Fractal.

After a delightfully crunchy, minimal, organic, rhythmic, and deep set from local DJ and producer Mojo RisiN, the first of the two headliners, the collaborative duo of Amani and Treavor Moontribe, known to thousands as Desert Dwellers, took the stage. Immediately delving into a heart-warming, thick atmosphere of glowing audio ambiance, the duo poured pyschedelia-driven sound over the audience for what quickly evolved into an inconceivable amount of time. Originating from Santa Fe, New Mexico, the desert sound is definitively carried among both these individuals.

Kalya Scintilla and Eve Olution were next to grace the stage, illuminating the venue with an illustrious spectrum of color and custom developed visuals, made by Kalya himself. The addition of Eve Olution brought a whole new element of life to the performance. It transcended an artistic void, bringing together electronic production, live vocal performance, and live dance performance.

Local producer Face Plant ended the evening on a funky and crunchy note, blending together a ton of original production and a few thoughtfully selected outsourced selections into a ear-melting cocktail of glitch hop, future funk, and electro soul. Ramping all across the mid tempo spectrum, Face Plant’s set was the perfect foot-tapping, melody-driven performance to end the blissful night.

I was lucky enough to catch up with Kalya Scintilla before the show to speak about The Earth Heart Tour, his history with Eve Olution, influences, inspirations, and future plans. Read the full interview below.

The Earth Heart Tour still has a few remaining stops. Check out the complete tour dates HERE.

Kalya Scintilla Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

Funkadelphia: “So just to start us off, where were you born and raised; and where do you call home nowadays?”
Kalya Scintilla: “Born in Sydney [Australia], raised southwest of Sydney. Santa Cruz, California is where I’m living at the moment.”

Funkadelphia: “Can you remember a time when you first discovered a passion for music? Or a time when you realized you didn’t just love listening to it, but you further wanted to create your own?”
Kalya Scintilla: “When I was younger I discovered my parents music collection, it started when I was about five. It started with Lionel Richie and Bon Jovi. I first discovered electronic music in [1995], it was The Prodigy’s first album.”

Funkadelphia: “How long have you actually been producing for now?”
Kalya Scintilla: “Ten years.”

Funkadelphia: “Your musical sound definitely shows a lot of different influences and inspirations from artists all over the globe. Not to put you on the spot, but are there any artists you can name as key inspirations to your music- even if they’re not necessarily musicians, but visual artists or anything of the sort?”
Kalya Scintilla: “Herbie Hancock, Tetrameth, Tool, and Tipper to name a few.”

Funkadelphia: “Now is this your first formal tour with Eve Olution?”
Kalya Scintilla: “No, we have been touring together for three years.”

Funkadelphia: “Can you tell us a little bit more about the history there? How did you come to meet, and how did the collaboration begin to form?”
Kalya Scintilla: “We met as friends in 2011 and in 2012 the veils lifted and we recognized our deep soul connection. Soon after we started creating together. Our first creation was the spoken word track called “Evocation” on Open Ancient Eyes.”

Funkadelphia: “So what can we expect to see from the collaborative team of Kalya Scintilla and Eve Olution at your Coda show here in Philadelphia on November 5th?”
Kalya Scintilla: “A future ancient remembering of music and ritual performance as one transmission, dancing for us all to remember our connection to the earth and each other through celebration.”

Funkadelphia: “It’s been a little over year since the release of your last album, Open Ancient Eyes- do you have any new material or a new release in the works you can tell us about?”
Kalya Scintilla: “I have got a new EP I’m working and creating visions for what is to come. You will hear many of those new tracks in my set.”

Funkadelphia: “You’ve collaborated with quite a few producers and musicians in the past. Are there any artists you’ve yet to work with but would particularly like to?
Kalya Scintilla: “Collaboration isn’t something I seek, it is just something that happens.”

Funkadelphia: “Might we see any noteworthy collaborations on your new upcoming release?”
Kalya Scinitlla: “Collaborations with vocalists, but it’s top secret of who and when.”

Funkadelphia: “Thanks so much for your time! Anything else you’d like to say to your fans and listeners?”
Kalya Scintilla: “Thanks for the love, the support, for receiving and exploring the stories and transmissions.”

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