Bass / Dubstep/Drumstep / Electronic

D-Jahsta x Midnight Tyrannosaurus – “Pastrami”


by Kyle Taylor |

At first glance this collaboration seems like one that would only exist in the deepest corners of a basshead’s imagination; yet a second look, followed by a jaw-drop, perceptively endless stare of disbelief, and vigorous rubbing of one’s eyes will only further prove its existence. Greek dubstep legend and destroyer D-Jahsta has teamed up with the rapidly up-and-coming architect of newfangled filth lines, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, for the massive new track “Pastrami”. And while the track’s description blurb- “Release info coming soon…”- hints toward an official release, and, hopefully, a download or purchase link soon to follow, it is far from enough to stop us bass enthusiasts from reveling in this production’s (almost) full, unmistakable glory.

The collaboration seems a match made in heaven as both Dimitri Maragkos’ (D-Jahsta) and Jason Figlioli’s (Midnight Tyrannosaurus) powerful, imposing sound design techniques are equally hard at work, complimenting one another with near absolute perfection. Plenty of D-Jahsta’s robotic and mechanized audio tendrils flare from speakers, entangled with the robust, organic and jostling rhythms of Midnight T’s own production. The inclusion of dark, tone-setting samples are a signature of Figlioli’s also present here, and equally never forgotten in his works. The only possible thing we as bass music fans are left to hope for is an announcement of a fully collaborative EP, or even (dare I say it), album from the duo. “Pastrami” will do just fine in the meantime, though; just fine, indeed.

D-Jahsta Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter
Midnight Tyrannosaurus Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

D-Jahsta x Midnight Tyrannosaurus – “Pastrami”

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