Ambient / Downtempo/Minimal / Electronic / Future Bass

V.A. – Redemptio(N) [Transcendent Tunes] | Compilation Album

TT - RedemptioN

by Kyle Taylor |

There is a relatively common psychological theory which states that personal fulfillment cannot be achieved until one not only finds one’s own bliss in life, but also passes that methodology of peace on to another, ultimately helping the other to find his or her own bliss. It is a technical point, but one readily and easily backed by evidence, and also one relatively easy to digest. It is also a phenomenon that is far from forgotten in the music and art worlds in general.

For Boston producer Frank Heiss- known to many simply as HEISS– the desire to further encourage and perpetuate other artists in their efforts seems to come naturally. It is far from uncommon that a musical artist with sustained momentum and an established platform would found a label, or collective, or something else of a similar sort, in hopes of creating an outlet for others to more easily distribute their music to receptive ear drums. This can be seen all the way back into the corporate music world’s early days, most notably via The Rolling Stones, who founded Rolling Stone Records in 1970 (although it only saw a short lifespan), up through increasingly ever-present efforts by musical groups and individuals throughout the following four and a half decades (see Nine Inch NailsCake, RJD2 or Kanye West to start). As a result, the blueprints for such a plan have become rather well-worn and plentifully used. HEISS and his still maturing home-grown label, Transcendent Tunes, is just one of the countless continuations we can still see today.

The label has been home to a large catalog of HEISS’ own music, but also solo releases from fellow developing artists Dixon Stovall (Da Capo) and Sonic Geometry (Visceral Inspiration), and its own compilation series, which began with Inclusio(N) in March of 2015. Thus HEISS continues the now all-too-familiar, yet seemingly never exhausted, effort of providing a platform for fans to discover music similar to and inspired by that of its founding musician (and/or artist). No more than 8 months later we already have the follow-up and second official compilation from the Boston label: Redemptio(N).

Featuring twelve never yet before released tracks from twelve different producers and spanning miles on miles of territory, the new compilation covers as much territory in terms of genre and sound as it does distance between its contributors. Boasting a mission state of “genre agnostic”, Transcendent Tunes has cultivated a distinctive sound by setting no boundaries to a specific sound whatsoever. Such an idea seems counter-intuitive, I know. Yet, upon listening, the explanation to this phenomenon becomes increasingly apparent. With a vapid, eclectic compilation of sounds and production techniques encased between the leaves of Redemptio(N), the album manages to find consistency in experimentation- a commendably difficult task to say the least.

With contributions from Skytree, Dixon Stovall, and HEISS himself, the compilation will send chills rippling from the origins of your eardrums, where the sounds first find their impact, all the way down your spine and to the furthest extremities of fingers and toes. The album will leave your heart pounding, your brain begging for more, and your mind in a inexplicably, yet hauntingly pleasant, state of serenity. Infusing dance-driven inspirations with downtempo and minimal production theologies, the tracks of Redemptio(N) cover a wide berth of musical territory, while remaining ever-aware and paying tribute to their thesis. Twelve tracks later you will surely find your mouse hovering over the play button next to the compilation’s opening track, “SpaceKat”, your body instinctively insisting on a follow-up listen, and every inch of your sensory system demanding more audio bliss.

Transcendent Tunes Website // Soundcloud // Bandcamp

V.A. – Redemptio(N) [Transcendent Tunes] — Buy on Bandcamp

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