Electro Soul / Electronic / Hip-Hop (Instrumental) / Jazz/Funk

Fishtown Beats – While the Smoke Rings Rise EP | FREE DL

Fishtown Beats
by Kyle Taylor

The latest from Philadelphia’s own Fishtown Beats has me in good spirits. I’ll put a stamp of the Funkadelphia guarantee that this new album is sure to bring you the same bliss. Reminiscent of everything from RJD2 and Blockhead to Herbie Hancock and even earlier Gramatik, it’s a familiar and warmly comfortable realm somewhere hovering between hip hop, jazz, electro soul, and just plain on smooth breaks. It’s the kind of release that makes you want to kick back on a porch on a warm sunny day with a nice glass of home-made, fresh squeezed lemonade.

What seems to be so remarkable about Colin Dooley’s (Fishtown Beats) musical approach, is that it seamlessly melds a very nostalgic sound, taken largely from vinyl samples, that still implements plenty of modern funk and soul finesse. The addition of live drummer Joe Vela and some impeccably fitting home-made visuals from Dooley himself only help to escalate the Fishtown Beats live performance to a full on trip down memory lane.

This newest release, the While the Smoke Rings Rise EP is a beautifully curated collection of music at its absolute barest form. Subtle, yet full of life through constant progressions and a vastly versatile palette of instrumental samples, the release is further backed at moments by minimally atmospheric production layers. It’s a release truly meant to be enjoyed cohesively from start to finish, and I sincerely encourage you to do just that.

Fishtown Beats Soundcloud // Facebook

Fishtown Beats – While the Smoke Rings Rise EP — FREE Downloads: Track #1 | Track #2 | Track #3 | Track #4

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