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Zebbler Encanti Experience – Inner G [Gravitas Recordings] | Name Your Price


by Kyle Taylor |

Brave souls enter here. You are definitely going to need some open ears for this massive new album from the Zebbler Encanti Experience. If you do have an open mind to music, though, you will immediately find your body wiggling in joyous confusion compulsion to the universally transcendent, psychedelic, garbled funk-bass noise that this inescapably brilliant duo has composed. Consisting of Ben EncantiCantil- a professor at the Beklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain- and the famed visual artist Peter Zebbler– who has been behind such projects as the Aqua Teen Hunger Force mooninite Boston bomb scare, multiple incarnations of the Shpongletron, and various other musical collaborations with likes EOTO among others- neither one of these men were any newcomer to the artistic world when they first began the collaborative project but a few years ago.

Since, the project has born a debut album, a follow-up EP, and two consequentially, essentially necessary remix albums [1][2]. Now they return yet again with their second full-length release: Inner G. Over the project’s relatively short lifespan, Encanti’s production has quickly and unforgivably torn through just about every genre and BPM of dance music imaginable. It is a blur of everything trap, dubstep, moombahton, all those annoying in-between genres, and ultimately is just a whole mashed up pot of absolutely no freaking genre at all. It’s slick. It’s ferocious. It’s crazy and it’s twisted. It’s definitely freaky. It’s quite odd… but it’s really darn fantastic.

For more on the Zebbler Encanti Experience, check out our interview with both members HERE.

Zebbler Encanti Experience Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter (Encanti)

Zebbler Encanti Experience – Inner G Name Your Price

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