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Chet Faker – “1998 (Cloudchord Remix)”; Formerly D.V.S* | FREE DL


by Kyle Taylor |

Time to change up the speed of things a little bit; but hey, that is never a bad thing. The beauty of music, and art in general, rests in its diversity. Longtime producer, and all-around musician, Derek VanScoten- known now as Cloudchord, formerly D.V.S*– knows this lesson all too well. Over his distinguished career, the now Austin, Texas based producer and guitarist has weaved his way in and out of just about every genre imagineable. The point is, even if you aren’t feeling this one, never judge a book by its cover.

For one of his debut releases after the recent name change, Cloudchord takes on one of my personal favorite track’s, “1998”, from Chet Faker‘s debut album. With the original single already emitting that indietronica vibe all you hipsters love so much (it’s okay, I can say it- I’m part hipster at heart myself), VanScoten twists out a glowing, revitalized nu-disco take on the track. It is a lot more upbeat than much of the electronic music you hear here on Funkadelphia, but I cannot stress enough how NOT bad of a thing that is. Even for those who are not particular fans of the nu-disco sound, Cloudchord’s magnificent guitar playing is just as important to this remix as the new electronic production that backs it- and that, my friends, is where things really get interesting.

Cloudchord (formerly D.V.S*) – Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Chet Faker – “1998 (Cloudchord Remix)” — FREE Download!!

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