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Esseks – Bad Cartoons [Gravitas Recordings] | Name Your Price


by Kyle Taylor |

To get straight to the point, Esseks is an unstoppable force of oddly vibrant psychedelic audio atmospheres. Okay, that’s a lot of adjectives, so let’s break it down. “Oddly”, because let’s face it: Esseks’ music is pretty darn weird. There’s a reason the New York native producer was chosen to support Tipper at hiss upcoming two-night performance at PlayStation Theater in January (complete event information HERE). This part ties into the “psychedelic” mention as well, as each composition takes a remarkably tight grip on the abstract concepts of what separates music from just regular, old noise. With faint melodies and almost unnoticeable, yet heartily developing, progressions, Sam Eckstein (Esseks) does absolutely zero holding back when it comes to getting weird. Especially on his latest album, Bad Cartoons– out now on the ever-dominant Gravitas Recordings– Eckstein delves into dark and mysterious, almost haunting, melodies via expertly crafted synthesizer lines.

So why vibrant? Somehow, amidst all that dark, psychedelia-driven sound, there’s an indisputable sense of life equally at work here. Maybe it is the distinct nature of the ever-evolving compositions that does it, but honestly, it is difficult to pinpoint the true source. Yet one thing remains clear: these are not your typical electronic dance music tracks (don’t you even dare say EDM). It is actually hard to face the fact that Esseks’ last album, Spades, dropped just a few months ago, because Bad Cartoons sounds as though there is months and months (definitely more than four) of hard work and passion poured into it contents. Rest assured though, there is zero ghost producer nonsense going on here- and that right there is what is SO impressive. This is one musician, one artist, doing all the work, and a brilliant one at that.

Esseks – Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Esseks – Bad Cartoons [Gravitas Recordings] — Name Your Price

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