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ProJect Aspect – Remixes Vol. 5 | Name Your Price


by Kyle Taylor |

Who’s ready to get this party started?! ProJect Aspect certainly is. The rapidly rising Denver producer returns this week with the latest installment in his remix series, Remixes Vol. 5. That’s right, volume FIVE! Jerry Jaramillo has been knocking out crunchy, bubbling glitch hop and generally all out bass production for years now. That veteran history shows through plain and clear in his production, too. Across a rapidly growing arsenal of original production, the authentic ideas and composition techniques seem to still be coming naturally to Jaramillo. Each and every release has withheld a persistent aesthetic, yet each new track feels just that: new. The sound design on this latest compilation of remixes is definitely ProJect Aspect’s, but it steers well clear of boredom through repetition. With a diverse selection of tunes to undergo some new fine tuning, the end results are just as eclectic as the variation between original artists selected here. Glitch hop fans beware, because you’re in for a scare- a scare of realizing you didn’t fully realize how epic the genre could get.

To really get inside the mind of ProJect Aspect, be sure to check out our interview with the Colorado producer HERE!

ProJect Aspect Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter

ProJect Aspect – Remixes Vol. 5 Name Your Price

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