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Space Jesus – Close Encounters [Smokers Cough]


by Dan Getz |

It appears that Space Jesus has once again blessed us with some of the filthiest, bass-fueled production in the galaxy with his new album, Close Encounters. New Jersey born and raised producer, Jasha Tull, delivers a collection of high energy tunes that pay homage to his early days of dubstep, while bringing a psychedelic vibe to the table through his signature synthesis virtuosity. From glitchy vocals to neuro-bass synthesis to sitar samples, this album is guaranteed to keep your auditory attention. He also includes a number of obscure samples throughout his album, including Toronto’s ex-mayor Rob Ford, as an exposition of his skill as a studio sound artist, and to also expose the experimental nature of his creative process. Taking such an nontraditional style of production, it can be extremely difficult to find what works, but this album has proved to me that Space Jesus has taken enormous strides in mastering this style. The sound design of his tracks are sure to have any producer rewinding over and over again.

Although trap has always been an influence of Space Jesus’ music, he embraces this style even greater by featuring a number of rappers through his album, including Shape, Pipus, and GDP. He also provides a number of collaborations with other bass producers that include Lespecial, SOOHAN, and beatbox producer Honeycomb. This culmination of psychedelic bass music is sure to deliver the filth and leave you wishing there was more.

Space Jesus Website // Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Space Jesus – Close Encounters — Buy on: Bandcamp // iTunes


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