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Just Blaze vs. B.I.G. – “Oh Boy (Wax Future Remix)” | FREE DL [Funkadelphia Exclusive Premier]

Oh Boy Cover Art

by Kyle Taylor |

Fresh off a hot streak after an appearance at the first ever Funkadelphia Showcase this past weekend, not to mention coming up on a massive performance at the VibeSide BassLights after-party this weekend in Hampton, Virgina, Wax Future is back with yet another stellar, crunchy and bass-infused tune for your eardrums. With Connor Hansell on the production and Keith Wadsworth always laying down the sick guitar licks, each and every one of Wax Future’s releases guarantees a wild ride. This latest remix from the Philadelphia artists is a vibrant collision of “Oh Boy” by Just Blaze with some extra hip hop flavor courtesy of samples from the mighty Notorious B.I.G.

Of course, hip hop is far from the only genre at work here, as Wax Future always is sure to cook up a fancy melting pot of a broad spectrum of musical tastes. Electro soul, future funk, and glitch hop are all, of course, at the top of the list; but, with a unique production perspective and touching live instrumental input, this track soars well through jamtronica and future bass influences as well. The remix is a Funkadelphia Exclusive Premier, so be sure to grab the FREE download below!

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Just Blaze vs. B.I.G. – “Oh Boy (Wax Future Remix)” [Funkadelphia Exclusive Premier] – FREE Download!!

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