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Tennyson – Like What EP | Name Your Price; Plus New Remix Collaboration with Skrillex & White Sea


by Dan Getz |

Electronic music is a style that primary focuses on the virtuosity of the producer, which often leads to a lack of musicianship and musical value. However, the Canadian brother-sister duo Tennyson has shown again and again how balance can be found between musical complexity and production virtuosity. Luke Perry, producer and keyboardist of the group, began producing at an early age and had already recorded two jazz albums by his twelfth birthday. In 2012, Perry began to merge the two worlds of jazz and electronica, with the help of his sister on percussion.

Influenced by Flying Lotus, Aphex Twin, and Cashmere Cat, Tennyson brings a truly unique and creative production style to the complex music of the Like What EP. Perhaps the most easily identifiable sound of the duo’s is their use of real world sounds that are incorporated into their productions, including car alarms, dial tones, and even environmental sound design- a style of music often referred to as “found sound”. The EP’s title track, “Like What?”, utilizes this such technique and leaves you lost in thoughts of passing a smooth, soft-spoken jazz club on a dismal, grey and rainy night.

Additionally, Perry exhibits his singing voice for the first time (officially) in his musical career throughout this EP, providing a personal touch to help listeners connect with their lyrics. It can be difficult for a producer to find an even balance between production and musical virtuosity, but “L’osisau qui danse” off this new EP shows that it is clearly no problem at all for this young production team. The future looks bright for Tennyson as they just released a collaborative remix of Skrillex’s “Stranger”, with Skrillex himself- and all to raise money for a number of youth organizations around the country (stream and download link can also be found below!).

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Tennyson – Like What EP Name Your Price

Skrillex – “Stranger (Skrillex Remix with Tennyson & White Sea)” — Donate
*100% of the proceeds from this song will be split between organizations serving children and youth, including the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Bridges for Music, and Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community.


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