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Anchor Hill – Once Upon A Tide


by Kyle Taylor |

It really shows when an artist truly loves their craft. Producer Richard Hartley, more commonly known as Anchor Hill, definitively falls into this category. The Canadian musician is constantly and ceaselessly working on new material, and putting it out. His latest creation is the new album Once Upon A Tide. Once again exhibiting a vast array of experimental sound, driven largely in part by organic elements. On Soundcloud, Hartley has labelled the genres of the tracks on the release as, “Lovestep”, “Drumstep Fusion”, “Downtemple”, “Psychedelic Midtempo”, and “Psytrap”; yet, oddly enough, all these tags seem to fit their correlating productions perfectly. That versatility seems to play into a mysterious, yet unmistakably present, unfolding story-line throughout the album. Each track plays seamlessly off its predecessor and seamlessly into its successor.

Anchor Hill Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook

Anchor Hill Once Upon A Tide Buy on Bandcamp

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