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Sacral Crown – Amsha | Plus FREE “Meditative Jam”, Live Improv


by Kyle Taylor |

The most exhilarating adventures in music remain for me in exploring the nearly undiscovered; the perhaps overlooked; the young and experimenting; the future of sound. Sacral Crown is an emerging artist out of Asheville, North Carolina. His new album, Amsha, has more than caught our attention. With a dark and ambient approach, Sacral Crown brings immense layering techniques to his productions, creating overlaying glitch textures. Each song on the album feels equally synthetic as it does organic. The spectrum of audio territory traversed over its length lends a thoroughly versatile list of equivocal sounds and influences to mind- Tipper, Boards of Canada, Flying Lotus. The simple truth is that Amsha is a cauldron containing sound perspectives from each and every corner of the map, bringing together these numerous ideas in a single, seamless synthesis.

Sacral Crown Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook

Sacral Crown – Amsha 

Sacral Crown – “Meditative Jam In A Minor, 60BPM” — FREE Download!!

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