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Brightside – Joker EP [Abstract Future] |Name Your Price


by Kyle Taylor |

Constantly on the up and up, Brightside is always sure to keep his fans satisfied with a plentiful list of upcoming performances, as well as a steady unraveling library of original production. Today Eric Tully (Brightside) adds to that library with the new Joker EP, out on Abstract Future. Always working with and in support of his musical community, the appearance of collaborations with Ludge and Tsimba on this new EP are not particularly surprising, but certainly a pleasant treat.

The Boston bass chemist gets right to it with his deep, muddled sound design. Distant synthesizer lines seem to just barely pierce their way through the thick layer of lower range sound generated in “Neighbors Are Knocking”. From their the sound design only gets more fun as the EP begins to unfold. Each track introduces carefully assembled layers of squishy sounds, atmosphere-controlling bass whallops, curdling under-layers, and whimsical percussion lines. As always, Tully explores numerous genres within the bass world, cross-breeding genres with ceaseless intent. The result is yet another fascinating release that is sure to be enjoyed in his coming live sets.

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Brightside – Joker EP [Abstract Future] — Name Your Price

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