Electro Soul / Electronic / Future Bass / Future Funk / Glitch-Hop / Hip-Hop (Instrumental)

Mr. Sampson – Tempest EP [Funkadelphia Recordings] | FREE DL


Mr. Sampson’s 2015 release, The Gathering Storm EP was a lively mixture of hip hop, funk, soul and dance music. Their latest Tempest EP noticeably expands upon this style, fusing futuristic sound design with vintage soundscapes. Over the course of three tracks, infectious grooves and textured samples collide in a seamless blend of upbeat funk-hop and dark, jazzy electronica.

Hailing from Philadelphia, Mr. Sampson is comprised of producer Joe Haederle and drummer Aaron Harel. Haederle constructs his music by combining soulful samples, original instrumentation, and cutting edge sound design. He and Harel team up for Mr. Sampson shows, which give new life to the songs by incorporating acoustic drums, live sample manipulation, and keys/synthesizers. They have played summer festivals Camp Bisco, Great North, and Disc Jam and have worked their way onto bills with national touring acts such as , GRiZ, Savoy, Cashmere Cat, and Big Sean.

Article Mr. Sampson

Mr. Sampson Website // Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter
Funkadelphia RecordingsWebsite // Soundcloud // Facebook

Mr. Sampson – Tempest EP [Funkadelphia Recordings] — FREE Download!!

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