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Tsimba – Proper Element EP [Funkadelphia Recordings] | Name Your Price


by Kyle Taylor |

It is already clear that 2016 is going to be a busy year for Funkadelphia Recordings. We could not be happier to be kicking it off with back-to-back weeks of releases, too. What is even better, is that both Tsimba and Mr. Sampson, whose new Tempest EP dropped on Funkadelphia Recordings last week (listen/download HERE), will be performing tomorrow night at Silk City here in Philadelphia, for our first ever hometown Funkadelphia Showcase – event page HERE.

What is so endlessly impressive about Tsimba is his ability to fuse his sound technique into a diverse array of production approaches. From glitch hop, to low-end ambiance, to even “Old School” dubstep, Mark Evans Musto (Tsimba) seems fully capable of just about anything; and certainly determined to impress his own personal stamp on each.

“Chiuta” opens his new Proper Element EP, settling immediately into a mid-tempo approach with plenty of delightfully psychedelic sound design. From there, the EP’s title track brings in the bass element of the release full force. A deep, immersive under-layer of fat sounds carries the atmospheric tune through glitchy vocal samples and airy synthesizers. That’s when “Old School” kicks in with a diverse palette of dubstep wobbles that take the mind back to the genre’s earlier years. To round it out, “Bling Blong” gets right down to the core of Tsimba’s future bass sound, which already exhibits itself in glimpses across the preceding three tracks, blending elements of those thus far explored genres into a single, cataclysmic, eargasmic, and certainly short, but very, very sweet arsenal of audio.

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Tsimba – Proper Element EP [Funkadelphia Recordings] — Name Your Price

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