Dubstep/Drumstep / Electronic / Future Bass / Glitch-Hop

Levitation Jones & Toadface – Living In a Bubble EP [TheUntz.com Premier] | FREE DL


by Kyle Taylor |

There is no better way to kick off a good co-headlining tour than with a fresh, new collaborative release from the featured artists. Soon after announcing a massive side-by-side tour, future bass astronauts Levitation Jones and Toadface have now dropped their subliminally deafening cataclysm of bass fanaticism: the Living In a Bubble EP, via The Untz.

No need to waste any time dancing around the fact- the new EP has easily the most refined and satisfying sound design we have yet to hear from either producer. Further, the overall production work of the release feels pristine, clean, and professional. The weirdness of the tracks themselves are more than an equally notable aspect here, though, as well.

Imagine throwing The Widdler and Yheti in a blender, and you might end up with something close to what Levitation Jones and Toadface are vibing. Yet, that is a combination I have yet to hear- or are at least personally unfamiliar with. Sure, future bass, glitch hop, and even dubstep elements are unmistakably at work on the release, but the purposeful fusion of those elements and the implementation of vividly original sound design is what gives this EP its true colors.

Check out complete details on the EP and full tour dates for the Levitation Jones & Toadface HERE.

Levitation Jones Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter
Toadface Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

The Untz Website // Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter


Levitation Jones & Toadface – Living In a Bubble EP
01) “Living In A Bubble” — FREE Download!!
02) “Floatin & Croakin” — FREE Download!!

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