Electronic / Future Bass / Glitch-Hop / Hip-Hop (Instrumental)

Mindset “Chroma” | FREE DL [Funkadelphia Exclusive Premier]


by Kyle Taylor |

Oh my, oh my, that is a lot of bass, Deep and unsettling, dark and encroaching, Mindset wastes no time with getting right to it on his new tune, “Chroma”. The track immediately relinquishes torrential crashes of blood-curdling bass, soon to follow with a blissful, but haunting melody. As the rugged mist of audio clears, that same melody begins to emerge in the rapidly expanding open space of the soundscape.

Gurgles, burbles, and muddled chortles of vigorously combed sound design make their bustling entrance to the composition. An ever so delicately placed hip hop sample gives this otherwise mellifluously atmospheric single a taste of effortless swag. Soon to follow is a pattering percussion kit, carrying that hip hop mentality and influence deeper into the folds of the track. Still, that aspect, while effective at making itself noticed upon its entrance, quickly fades into the growing cloud of squishy sounds reverberating from its bass-line. A little bit of trip hop never hurt anyone.

Mindset Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter

Mindset – “Chroma” — FREE Download!! [Funkadelphia Exclusive Premier]

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