Gala In The Grove 2016, Phase 1 Announcement (Jonestown, PA – June 3rd & 4th)


Artwork by Owlchemist

Nestled into the hills of beautiful Jonestown, PA there is a piece of land, so intimate, yet gorgeous, it would essentially be a crime to not host an event of epic musical proportions on its expanses. So, The Funky Dad and Funkadelphia have taken that duty upon themselves in assembling the inaugural year of Gala In The Grove.

Limited Capacity: In order to maintain an intimate environment for our patrons, as well as curate respectful ideologies toward the land we are borrowing, the capacity for the 2016 festival is being kept to a limited 350 Tickets ONLY!

With countless jam heavyweights, including Catullus and Flux Capacitor (also appearing at Bonnaroo 2016), and an already stunning late night assembly of artists including the new collaborative project Wax Sampson– a fusion of Wax Future Mr. Sampson.

Other acts include: Native Maze, Marathon, Flower Garden, The Bird Reserve, Humandala, Agent Zero, Wink, Ludge, Tsimba, Keota, Mutomb0, Patrick Richards, Newpy Hundo, Kingfisher, and Yam Yam.

Be sure to stay tuned for our Phase 2 lineup dropping in April!

There is sure to be a whole lot more to Gala In The Grove than the music though. Sure, multiple stages- including a beach stage and indoor, late night stage- and a diverse spread of musical elements is enough to keep many appeased; but you can be sure to see plenty of other artistic talents on display from art installations, to live lighting and VJ production, live painters, vendors, workshops, flow artists, and more.

94 Miles / 100 Minutes from Philadelphia
107 Miles / 107 Minutes from Baltimore
145 Miles / 143 Minutes from New York City
148 Miles / 154 Minutes from Washington D.C.

Gala In The Grove – 2016 Event Page // Facebook Page // Buy Tickets

Rotunda Beer Company
Artful Dodger
City Beautiful Productions
Imaginary Funtime League

Recommended Listening:

Catullus – “Eric Lindros’d” — FREE Download!!

Flux Capacitor – “Lights Out” [Live 12/25/2012]

Wax Future – “Keep the Memories” — FREE Download!!

Mr. Sampson – “Places” — FREE Download!!

Marathon – “Chrome Waves”

Kingfisher – “Dahlia”

Native Maze – “From the Ground”

Humandala – “Blue Dream”

Agent Zero – “Cali Shores” — FREE Download!!

Ludge – “Conception” — FREE Download!!

Tsimba – “Proper Element” — FREE Download!!

Keota – “Kahlua In My Cereal” — FREE Download!!

Mutomb0 – “Ballchinian” (feat. Sexy Black Female) — FREE Download!!

Patrick Richards – “Cosmic Counterpoints Vol. II”

Wink – “South Street Shakedown Mix” — FREE Download!!

Gala MinimalText

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