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Gala In The Grove Artist Spotlight #2: Agent Zero

Live Band Debut, 2015

by Kyle Taylor |

Fast-paced just seems like an understatement when speaking in terms of our society anymore. The term seems trivial and out-dated when you consider the torrential rates at which our generation consumes entertainment, no matter an individual’s poison of choice.

There has been an irrefutable explosion of demand for the “EDM” market if you will, or even just electronic music and fusions of the style, over the past few years. However, this phenomenon is no doubt connected to the now growing desire from fans to see a more consistent incorporation of live instrumental elements, tied to those electronic under-tones and influences. Many have tried their hand at the art, and few have succeeded, but in soaring fashion. Yet, those still developing their base remain just as essential to the market as those acts we
already know and love, whom we often see headlining many of our favorite events and venues.

An undeniable force making a distinguished and steady climb in the Philadelphia and surrounding markets is Agent Zero. With the capability to perform solo DJ sets, as well as full live band sets (featuring Jason Luber, guitar; Rob Potter, saxophone; Ryan DJ Ha, drums), and a fluctuating palette of featured live instrumentalists, Noah Selwyn (Agent Zero) has developed a musical project accessible to music fans of all sorts, shapes, and sizes. The project, which has seen three full-length releases; an EP; and countless singles and remixes since its inception, has undergone multiple experimental explorations through sound, ultimately settling into Selwyn’s most recent sound, fusing together thickly accented funk, jazz and hip hop instrumental aspect, supplemented with a diverse spread of electronic production, including but not limited to elements of glitch hop, electro soul, and future funk, all the way to the reaches of dubstep and drum & bass.

A veteran of Camp Bisco, F.A.R.M. Fest, and numerous other festivals, Agent Ze_ro is no well-kept secret to Philadelphia music fans tapped into the still ever-blossoming scene. The project has seen performances in countless local venues, both headlining and in support of acts such as Freddy Todd, Marvel Years, and Thriftworks.

Gala In The Grove 2016 marks just the first leg of what is sure to be a massive summer of festivals, local shows, and all-around festivities for Agent Zero. Nonetheless, so close to home, and digging into his beats on the late-night Funkadelphia stage, Agent Zero is sure to deliver an especially electrifying performance at at the 2016 festival.

For more on Agent Zero, watch our video interview with lead-producer and the project’s mastermind, Noah Selwyn HERE.

Agent Zero Soundcloud // Facebook // Twitter
Gala In The Grove 2016 Official Facebook Page // Event Page // Buy Tickets

Agent Zero – “Live at Camp Bisco 2015”

Agent Zero & th3gr3ymatt3r – “Smog” — FREE Download!!

Agent Zero – Sound Sorcery Vol. II Name Your Price

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