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Ludge – Anomalous [Mixtape]


by Kyle Taylor |

We like to consider New Jersey producer Ludge pretty close to the Funkadelphia movement, but we still never know what to expect from this kid. Out of nowhere comes this fresh new mixtape, chopped full of weird breaks, ambient and atmospheric synthesizers, interludes, full-length tracks, and all the Ludge weirdness we love. The new mixtape, Anomalous, opens up with a throwback jungle-style production, a tempo we’ve really yet to hear from this still young producer. From there, the darkness only creeps in more and more as the release proceeds. “Flute Jawn” delves in an overwhelming storm of growling dubstep bass, striking images of dungeon-esque basements, throbbing subs, and nodding heads. The mixtape’s closing track, “Do Et” sinks its teeth into an extravagant synthesizer introduction, eventually breaking waves into clapping breaks production. “Hologram Man”, on the other hand, gets really wobbly- I mean REALLY wobbly. We’re talking sounds that need to be heard to believe.

The extra bonuses of a “Dubadelphia” VIP mix; the ever-awesome Ludge remix of Brightside‘s “Singularity”; and a vocoder-driven interlude, “Fuck Ur Problem”, fill out the mixtape in proper fashion.

Ludge Website // Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Ludge – Anomalous [Mixtape]

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