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Pretty Lights – “Gold Coast Hustle (Wax Future Remix)” [Funkadelphia Exclusive Premier] | FREE DL

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by Kyle Taylor |

Wax Future is back at it again. I suppose that’s not a fully accurate statement; I don’t think they ever really stopped. Ever since a rip-rearing performance at MidSummer Night’s Dream in Philadelphia in the Fall, soon followed by the release of their massive Keep the Memories EP, the months following have shown nothing but the ideal steps toward applying the musical duo’s groovy, hard-hitting, and yet, still soulful sound to all the necessary ear-drums out there.

In just the past few months the Philadelphia three-piece (when including the vivid works of VJ artist Jamal Rab, which we prefer to) has shared the stage with not only an impressive list of fellow acts, but a versatile spread as well, including TAUK, Freddy Todd, Unlimited Gravity, ProJect Aspect, Vibe Street, Brightside and Craz; with performances still to come alongside Jade Cicada and Spundose, as well as at this year’s Cosmic Alignment Festival in Ghent, New York.

Just as the performances haven’t stopped, neither has the music. Producer Connor Hansell has proven a consistent and sustained-quality work ethic via a stream of single and remix releases. Anyone who has seen the group perform in the past few months can easily recall an impressive dishing of unreleased tracks buried in the all original sets. And those lucky enough to join us at Sprout Music Collective in West Chester for a SOLD OUT Wax Future show on February 5th might just remember this one- it’s a brand new remix of the massive and classic Pretty Lights‘ tune, “Gold Coast Hustle”.

Pushing a hard-hitting, funky new perspective on the track, Hansell still keeps his sampling paying plenty of tribute to the original production. Make no mistake, though, while the original “Gold Coast Hustle” is easily heard in this new remix, it is far from untouched. The new contortion of beats not only digs its toes into the warm sand of a sunny beach, sinking into a tropical, funky beat; but it also plays well into showcasing the pristine skills of live guitarist Keith Wadsworth.

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Pretty Lights – “Gold Coast Hustle (Wax Future Remix)” [Funkadelphia Exclusive Premier] — FREE Download!!


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